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It’s December. You’ve had all weekend to either sleep off the turkey coma or rest from your 4am shopping jaunt. Hey, whatever makes you happy, right? Well, due to the overwhelming response to last month’s giveaway, we’re having another giveaway for December. The idea is the same – just comment on any December blog entry through December 16. With the help of my trusty sidekicks (ok, my co-workers) we’ll draw a winner 9am December 17 so we’ll have time to get the lucky duck their winnings in time for the holidays. What’s the prize? I’m glad you asked.

This month, to help with your shopping (be it Christmas, Hanukkah, Kwanzaa or even Festivus) the Chocolate Giveaway prize will include a Lake Champlain Chocolates T-shirt (you pick the size), a Winter Tin of Hot Chocolate and a six-pack of chocolate snowmen – your choice of milk chocolate, dark chocolate or combo. But remember, you need to post comments to any December blog entry before the drawing on December 17. Each comment counts as an entry, enter as many times as you’d like. And tell your friends. Or not. It could be their holiday present you’re winning. Ha!  Good luck!

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December 1. 2008 16:57

Wow. Anyone who doesn't enter your giveaway contest must not have tried your chocolate. I can't think of anything better than free LCC! Now I guess I'll have to be addicted to your blog as well as your products. But it looks really interesting, so I can't say I mind. Keep up the good work with the chocolate!

Michelle United States

December 2. 2008 11:07

Thanks Michelle! Good luck in the giveaway. It's fun to do a blog about chocolate and for chocolate lovers, no matter what they're favorite chocolate is. And the response has been great which always makes you feel good. Smile

Leann United States

December 2. 2008 11:25

YUM YUM count me in. Wink  Thanks.

Carolyn United States

December 2. 2008 11:38

oh chocolate! can't let a day go by without it. and to get a chance to win some - heavenly!!

sandy haber United States

December 2. 2008 12:41

LOVE your Everything, just wish you were closer, since we live in CT, this way I could come in and drool in person.  Thanks, Carol Gabor

Carol Gabor United States

December 2. 2008 19:14

YUM! I've only tried your dark chocolate bar, but it was sooo delicious that I'd be a fool not to enter this contest! Thanks for the opportunity!

Katie United States

December 2. 2008 23:39

Those are the cutest (and, I'm sure) most delicious little snowmen I have ever seen....thanks for the giveaway, and Happy Holidays!

janeh United States

December 3. 2008 15:07

Wow... These chocolates looks so cute and wonderful... Can i grab those yummy treats!

Anu Sriram United States

December 3. 2008 19:55

I can attest your almond butter crunch is absolutely the most decadent I've ever had! What a sweeeeet prize...if those snowmen have toes, I'd love to nibble 'em! Happy Holidays to all and thanks for a terrific giveaway...

Sharon Anne United States

December 3. 2008 23:03

What a nice giveaway! Throw my name in the bucket please! Smile I heart chocolate!

megan United States

December 4. 2008 08:54

Sharon Anne - if you love the almond butter crunch, you have to come visit our stores and try our new homemade Almond Butter Crunch Ice Cream made with the same candy. It's the best thing you'll ever eat. Trust me - my clothes don't fit anymore because of it. Ha! Smile

Leann United States

December 4. 2008 11:31

i never got my free sample but sure would love to enter the contest.iwant to order but need a taste.merry x-mas kris in california

kris wesson United States

December 4. 2008 11:34

I wish I lived close enough to come sample the holiday chocolates.  But maybe it's a good thing (for my diet) that I don't!

Kristen United States

December 4. 2008 19:45

Yummy, Count me in also

Beth Beres United States

December 5. 2008 18:43

I luv hot chocolate!

Nicole United States

December 6. 2008 12:22

i love anything chocolate!!  Especially Hot Chocolate!

Lauren United States

December 6. 2008 19:38

I love Chocolate - especially Lake Champlain.  I bought the organic squares for my husband for valentines day.  Yum

Diana United States

December 6. 2008 20:19

Please, count me IN!
I have been buying/ordering chocolate Santas, Easter Bunnies, snowmen, turkeys, frogs ... for years.
As my children got older they came to appreciate the hot cocoa and my son makes the best brownies using your baking cocoa. Out most recent fav from Lake Champlain Chocolates are the sweet & salty Caramels.

Cynthia Valenti United States

December 6. 2008 20:34

Please count me in - love LCC !!!


December 6. 2008 22:43

Those are delicious AND cute!  I am a big fan of dark chocolate, and nothing's better than cuddling with a cup of cocoa and the kitties...

Meg United States

December 7. 2008 15:34

I just have to say, I LOVE your chocolate!  I visited in Burlington this October and have already ordered gifts for three different people since getting back to Baltimore.  Christmas is coming up, so I will have to order more.  It would be awesome to win a treat for myself, too!

Leah United States

December 7. 2008 16:36

As a foodie, graphic designer, retail shop owner and chocolate lover, I have to say your product is superb!  The chocolate motifs, along with their packaging designs are very appealing.

Peppercorn Press United States

December 7. 2008 21:47

Hi.  We live in Westchester, NY and visited two of your stores when we spent a week at Smuggler's Notch over the Thanksgiving holiday.  We tasted two kinds of hot chocolate at your store in Burlington and sampled lots of yummy candy at your store/outlet on the way back from Ben and Jerry's.  Next to that store was a Cabot cheese outlet with lots of free samples too.  What a great time we had.  And now we are addicted to your chocolates.  My favorite right now is the chocolate filled with cherry-chocolate.  Amazing.  And I am very pleased to read on this site that you do not use preservatives of additives.  I avoid these in my other foods and try to eat organic whenever possible.  It did not occur to me that the indulgence of chocolate might also be healthy!  I will definitely stop ordering on-line from your competitor (who I will not name here) and only buy your products, either on-line or at a store in my area that I know stocks it.

Anne Corey United States

December 8. 2008 09:25

OMG...I am lovin' those snowmen! how cute!!! I'd LOVE to try out your chocolates! Puhleeese...send some to Newfoundland, I'll send you some too!

trupti Canada

December 9. 2008 02:11

Did I win!?!?!?
The hot cocoa mix is absolutely the BEST!! I have to have my cup of Aztec each evening before bed! I'm so
addicted!! Makes me sleep like a soothed baby.

Beth United States

December 9. 2008 02:42

yum!! delicious and adorable Smile great contest, i found you thru donna diegel's blog!

kim United States

December 9. 2008 09:05

Hot chocolate is my favorite!! Just open up my veins because they flow hot chocolate!!!I am going to try to keep this all to myself and enter a billion times!I am never selfish but I really want this!

mistress meeyee United States

December 9. 2008 09:20

Wow, this is a great giveaway. Donna From Spatulas mentioned your giveaway, and I had to come over and look at your site. I never win anything, but I really REALLY would like to win this one. She says your chocolate is the BEST!

Cindy King United States

December 9. 2008 09:48

mmmmmmm....Your truffles are to die for!

Karin United States

December 9. 2008 10:44

The only thing better than free chocolate is probably free Lake Champlain chocolate...your chocolate is amazing, since working at a chocolate store for 5 years back in highschool I am quite the chocolate addict, and only the very best will do (I suppose there are worse vices...)

Emma United States

December 9. 2008 11:24

Oh my goodness... I never (OK, now it will be rarely) enter online contests, thinking that I am not a worthy reader (since I never comment), but I cannot miss a chance at your chocolate!!!!
thank you for your generosity, and good luck to all!

Joanne United States

December 9. 2008 12:14

I had the pleasure of tasting these wonderful chocolates when Donna of Spatulas, Corkscrews and Suitcases came for a visit a couple of weeks ago!  The chocolates were absolutely wonderful (so was Donna's visit).  Are these chocolates sold in Canada?

Liliana Canada

December 9. 2008 13:34

Donna from Spatulas & Corkscrews sent me over to enter your contest. Her reviews of your chocolate have my mouth watering. Thanks for the chance to win!

Mary United States

December 9. 2008 17:14

OOOO my i do love chocolate and Christmas, what a great combination!!

Anna United States

December 9. 2008 18:01

I'm too far away to get to the store myself!  I really want to try these!


December 9. 2008 21:17

Chocolate? Who doesn't love it? I heard about this giveaway from a fellow blogger and operation baking gal, Donna of Spatulas, Corkscrews & Suitcases! Your treats look amazing!!!! I'm a chocoholic, I admit it!

Kim United States

December 9. 2008 23:24

Love your site. Was introduced to it by another Donna of spatulas corkscrews suitcases, another of my fav blogs.. Thanks for the chance!!

Donna-FFW United States

December 9. 2008 23:26

What a great giveaway. Those snowmen are adorable!

Karen United States

December 10. 2008 09:14

Love chocolate! Who doesn't? And yours look delish! Btw, Donna from Spatulas & Corkscrews sent me Wink

Debby United States

December 10. 2008 13:29

I had never heard of you and after looking over your blog, SHAME ON ME! LOL! Thanks to your friend at: I am now a follower of yours (fellow chocolate lover here). Thank you for putting this awesome giveaway together!

MaryAnne United States

December 10. 2008 13:30

I love, love everything.  Your chocolate's the best!



Diane United States

December 10. 2008 13:44

very nice thanks

mindy United States

December 10. 2008 16:52

I have raging PMS.  I NEED THIS CHOCOLATE!   lol

Carol United States

December 10. 2008 20:49

Chocolate...mmmmmmmmmm!! I'd love to win. Thanks to Donna from Spatulas & Corkscrews for sending me this way. Smile

Lori A. United States

December 11. 2008 10:57

ooh, count me in! My mom (Donna) sent me over here. LOVE your chocolate and you're only 30 min. away from me!

Erika Martin - Stampin' Mama United States

December 11. 2008 11:00

Mmmm, chocolate. =)

anne Canada

December 11. 2008 11:11

An offer I cannot refuse. Thanks & Merry Christmas!  Smile

Melody United States

December 11. 2008 12:09

Yes, please, count me in on the contest!

I don't hate chocolate.

Neither does my very pregnant wife.


Chip Lewis United States

December 11. 2008 13:32

Count me in!

Amanda United States

December 11. 2008 15:14

What a brilliant and delicious idea. I'm hopping on this bandwagon, asap. Smile

Darah Canada

December 11. 2008 22:33

I come from a long line of chocoholics. My father and grandfather before me were in the wholesale candy business. All I can say is that it was a sweet business.

Susan Greene United States

December 11. 2008 22:49

I LOVE these chocolates. They converted me from Godiva. Yes they are THAT good. Thanks for the awesome prize.

amber United States

December 12. 2008 12:27

I am lucky enough to live in Burlington and so know how good these chocolates are. In fact, my daughter goes to school right next door to the factory -- what a lucky kid! I would love to win some chocolateSmile

Alice United States

December 12. 2008 17:39

These snowmen are so cute and good chocolate.

April Jacques United States

December 12. 2008 18:34

wonderful giveaway--you're brilliant!

trisha too United States

December 12. 2008 22:14

Ohhh My.. my... such an awesome giveaway!! I am simply staring at them!!

sharmi United States

December 13. 2008 13:26

Lake Champlain chocolates are excellent. I'd love to win.

Magi United States

December 13. 2008 16:57

I love your blog.  Who can go wrong writing about chocolate, it's the universal language.  Thanks for the great giveaway!

Lynne United States

December 14. 2008 14:53

Free chocolate sounds good!

Elizabeth United States

December 14. 2008 16:38

I love chocolate!  Count me in!

Jen United States

December 14. 2008 22:05


Eva United States

December 15. 2008 11:22

Sounds great!

Sharon Canada

December 16. 2008 11:42

woo! I'd like some chocolate!!

Kasey United States

December 16. 2008 13:21

sounds awesome and now you got me thinking about butter crunch

mindy United States

December 16. 2008 17:02

I'd love to win, yummy!

Carol United States

December 17. 2008 00:58

The chocolate snowmen are adorable. Thanks!

Arlene A United States

December 17. 2008 19:30

Even just looking at your website makes me hungry.  

These look yummy.

rsgrandinetti (at)

Renee G United States

December 18. 2008 13:46

Who doesn't Love chocolate, and snowmen is such a cool idea, Please count me in!

Barbara McCrea United States

December 18. 2008 16:04

These look delicious! Please count me in!!

Casey H United States

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