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How many times can I say how much I like my job? I can’t help it. It’s true. Not only do I get to spend my time telling people about the yummy chocolate but today, we were all trick-or-treated by the company. Each employee came in to work to find a goodie bag with some really great Halloween treats. It’s such a nice thing to find little gifts at your desk. I can’t even tell you. You’d think we’d be over it all by now but it just never gets old. I saw that LCC bag on my desk and for an instant, I was a kid again with a sweet Halloween candy haul.

So, let me tell you what I got. There was a Halloween Cauldron with a white chocolate ghost, chocolate squares and one of my beloved hazelnut praline pumpkins; there was a 9-piece signature square autumn gift box which has a mix of milk and dark squares with pretty fall images on the labels; there was a Nuts & Raisin Pumpkin Box which is full of milk and dark chocolate-covered almonds and raisins; a milk chocolate pumpkin face lollipop and a 5-piece autumn truffle box that has amongst its contents the fabulous Spiced Pumpkin Truffle. Doesn’t it all look so good in the photo? Honestly, that’s the chocolate from my bag. I took it all out so I could snap a pic and show you.

It’s just so much fun. And in a time when there is so much negative news about the economy, nice touches like a surprise Halloween treat from your employer really make you feel good. I wish I could share them with you all because I know how good they’re going to be but since I can’t, I shall send sweet autumn vibes your way. Can you feel them?

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October 30. 2008 19:58

That is awesome!!!!  What a great company!!!  And I think I can feel the vibes!!!!

Denise Ryan United States

November 7. 2008 23:45

I think I need to work at LLC!

Christine Mack United States

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