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This week just gets better!

Posted on November 27, 2007 8:45 AM by Leann

OK. Second very exciting thing to happen this week. We are finally offering our Belgian chocolate pistoles online.  For those who don’t know, pistoles are chocolate chips. (Until I started working here, I didn’t know that.)

Anyway, in the past, we’ve only offered the pistoles in our stores but people kept writing and asking about them. They knew they saw them when they visited us but didn’t buy them at the time since they didn’t want to cart them home. They figured they could just order them and have them shipped once they returned from their travels. Imagine what a bummer it was when they went to our website and couldn’t find them.

Well, no longer will that be a problem. Not only can you find the pistoles online but we also have these new Bakers Gifts available and these were never available before, online or instore. And as someone who likes to dabble a bit in the culinary world, I’m so excited. My family and friends know they’ll be getting chocolate for Christmas but the bakers in my family are in for an big surprise this year! I just have to be sure I give the Chocolate Cake Baker’s Kit to my Mom so when she bakes our Ultimate Chocolate Cake recipe, I’ll be able to steal a piece!


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