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OK. Here it is. The first giveaway we’ve done on the blog. And it’s pretty cool. See, when I started gathering gift ideas for my chocoholic friends, one of the items I came across was this clever little cook book – 101 Things To Do With Chocolate, part of the 101 Series by Stephanie Ashcroft.

First, I thought, how can you narrow it down to 101?! Ha! I’m sure it wasn’t easy. There are so many recipes out there that use chocolate and while most of them sound delicious (see earlier posts for some I found that sound just plain odd) many of the recipes I’ve come across are rather complicated. And while that may be all well and good for those rare times when I want to challenge my baking skills, they just don’t work for the everyday.

But, this cookbook has got it. And by it, I mean extremely easy to prepare, easy to make recipes that sound delicous. You know those guilty pleasure kind of things that maybe your best friend’s mom would make when you were a kid. Things like Grasshopper Ice Cream Sandwiches, Banana Chocolate Chip Cake and Peanut Butter Chocolate Lush. Some are completely from scratch – flour, sugar, yeast, etc – and some have shortcuts starting with boxed cake mix, graham crackers or ready made crusts. Between the cover art and the sound of the recipes, it’s got this great 40’s-50’s retro flare that for some reason makes me think of my childhood which is odd since I wasn’t born until the end of the 60’s.

But back to the giveaway.

Here’s the plan. I have two copies of this great little cookbook to giveaway so I’m pairing each with a 4-pak of our Chocolate chips – one package of each type – milk chocolate chips, 54% dark chocolate chips, Sao Thome 70% dark chocolate chips and white chocolate chips. All you have to do to enter is post comments on any/all November blog entries. Each comment will be considered one entry. Since it’s a cookbook and Thanksgiving is coming, we’ll draw for our winners 9am November 18 and I’ll send an e-mail notifying them as such. Once I have the shipping address for the winners, I’ll send them out with their 4-pak of chocolate chips so they’ll be ready for to bake for the holidays.

In the meantime, check it out online. Stephanie has some other great titles to see in the series. And just think, perfect for the holiday gift list. Perfect for stuffing in a stocking. Perfect for giving with a baking kit.

So, enter to win with your blog comments!

PS – I do plan to make some of these recipes as I have a copy of my own and if I’m able to take a photo worth sharing, I’ll definitely post. Might even share the recipe but not too many as I don’t want to totally ruin the surprise of what’s in the cookbook.

PPS - You can always register for the LCC E-mail Newsletter and maybe win free chocolate that way too!
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November 4. 2008 08:26

Oooh...I hope I win.  Lake Champlain Chocolates are the best!

Joe United States

November 4. 2008 11:24

that books looks wonderful! (entering myself Smile )

Zoe United States

November 4. 2008 21:32

oh boy...this is my kind of giveaway..chocolate and what to do with it.  Somehow it will all end up in my mouth!

Christine Mack United States

November 4. 2008 21:48

I didn't even know LCC made baking chips!! OMG - anything made with those should probably be illegal.  Or at least you shouldn't eat them while you're driving.

Great package, Leann!!

Denise Ryan United States

November 5. 2008 20:44

Free chocolate? Yes please! Great contest - thanks!

ValleyWriter United States

November 8. 2008 18:04

I'm not sure if it's a good idea for me to own this book, but I know I want to!

The Dessert Dude United States

November 9. 2008 16:50

Good luck with the competition!
Ooh I love chocolate :-D

Michael Key New Zealand

November 12. 2008 08:12

You have the best chocolate blog!

Julie United States

November 14. 2008 11:17

Thanks for the opportunity to win something cool!

Chris United States

November 14. 2008 13:37

Love online giveaways - and chocolate - what a great combo and what a great chocolate blog!  Thanks for the info. xoxo Lizabeth

Lizabeth United States

November 14. 2008 17:35

I am a chocoholic and I must have this book---please!

Elaine R Canada

November 15. 2008 03:09

How fun, I've never entered one of these giveaways before, but am so excited abut this! I love making all sorts of chocolate anything!

Jennifer United States

November 15. 2008 07:32

I would love to win this.  I am always looking for new ideas for making candy and chocolates especially!  I would also love to try your chips!  Thanks for the opportunity to win!

Paula Lane United States

November 15. 2008 12:45

I love chocolate and 101 thing to do with choclate I think I'm in heaven.  Life would be good!

Shelly P United States

November 15. 2008 23:40

This DOES sound like my sort of  reading! I even dream in chocolate.

Deb Sluis United States

November 16. 2008 02:26

looks neat.This is a fun thing to win.

Valeire United States

November 16. 2008 14:10

I do gift baskets every year for Christmas, and these chocolates will go a long way in creating some serious yummies for those baskets!

Danielle Behlmer United States

November 16. 2008 18:58

I would love to win this!  Thanks for the opportunity.

Jenny United States

November 16. 2008 19:43

Sounds yummy!!  

Kristin Orth United States

November 17. 2008 16:21

I agree, narrowing it down to only 101 things must have been tough!

brilynn Canada

November 24. 2008 13:02

I'm so glad I won! Woo-hoo! Ok, I posted about my first experience, complete with pictures!

The Dessert Dude United States

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