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Yikes. Looks like our website upset a fellow blogger unintentionally. It seems that one of our web folks was tickled by some kind words posted on a blog and paraphrased them as a review without permission. That’s our bad and we apologize but who’d have thought it’d be such a large offense. Perhaps I’m too new or naïve to web etiquette but when there’s so obviously no intent to misuse or abuse someone’s praise, perhaps a simple heads up to straighten us out would be in order. Or, maybe I have it all wrong. Maybe it is an inexcusable offense and if so, I think perhaps this blog and web world isn’t for me. Oh well. At any rate, we really are sorry.
Here at LCC, we’re relatively nice folks. We’re not totally web savvy and are just trying to get the word out about our chocolates with no intention ever to upset our friends out in the real world. We're still learning. All we ask is if we do make some type of misstep out there in e-land, just let us know and we’ll do what we can to fix it. We don’t ever want to upset anyone. We just want to make good chocolate and let the world know. So, our humble apologies to the offended blogger should he happen to read this. We promise not to use your words (paraphrase or quote) again on our site. Always eat good chocolate!

 **Update 4/2/08  - I think it's all cool with our upset fellow blogger. We understand where he's coming from and I think he accepts our apology. See his nice words below. You can check out his blog at Thanks to all who weighed in. This is what makes the world go around, no?


April 1. 2008 19:39

Thanks for the note, Leann.  I appreciate your attention.  I'm really not so terribly offended (mildly miffed at most), and I'm as surprised as anyone at how much notice that post got.  Blogs and bloggers are strange beasts.  I still love the product, and would be happy to serve as a sounding board for future emarketing ideas or candy formulas.  (Have you considered _dark_ chocolate with sea salt?)  Drop me a line any time.

limeduck United States

April 1. 2008 23:23

That's such a shame.  Too bad you couldn't work things out with the blogger and send him some chocolate. It was a nice post that he put up.  

Anali United States

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