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My nerves were tested a little bit already for this event. The organic, 70% dark chocolates are finally made and on their way to Epcot.    Truffles don’t get any fresher than this! Demand has been so strong for this new product since we introduced in last month, that we’ve had a hard time keeping them in stock.  I need 300 pieces to ship today to Epcot for the classes I’m teaching this weekend as part of the Epcot Food & Wine Authentic Taste Program.

I’m teaching three classes on chocolate this Friday – Sunday.  A class on chocolate, you ask?  What is that all about?    It’s “All About Chocolate”.  I’ll talk about the history of chocolate, where it’s grown and how it becomes eating chocolate, and best of all – lead the group in a session on how to taste and appreciate fine chocolate.   Participants will get to taste 34% cocoa content milk chocolate, 54% and 75% cocoa content dark chocolate, and last but not the least, the much sought-after, 70% Dark Chocolate Organic Truffles.

For the full festival program schedule, click here. From what I understand, only the first 100 people get to attend the class and not surprisingly, there typically is a long line so if you are able to attend, arrive early!

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November 5. 2008 19:26

Leann - how cool is that???  Will you post some tasting tips on the blog?  It is so hard sometimes to recognize all the nuances.  Have fun in Epcot!!

Denise Ryan United States

November 7. 2008 23:34

um..hehe...I don't need classes on chocolate tasting lol  but I would come anyway!...I wish I lived closer..all we have are wine cellers and mead...(NY Fingerlakes Wine Country) I wish chocolatiers were like that!  Have chocolatiers all around the lakes...that would be fab!

Christine Mack United States

November 10. 2008 10:21

The classes sound great. Wish I able to  be there - hope it went well. Next time I'm in VT I'll check our your schedule or at least take a tour if you offer them!

Lisa Kennally United States

November 15. 2008 03:14

Oh I wish I could have gone to your classes!! I bet it went really well! We need more of that kind of things offered where I live!

Jennifer United States

November 15. 2008 23:42

Oh my gosh, truffles! Those are THE best treats in the world.

Deb Sluis United States

November 16. 2008 14:13

Oohh I really wish I lived in Florida now!  For fun chocolate tastings, and it's currently 37 degrees where I live.

Danielle Behlmer United States

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