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On a cold, 20-degree day here in Vermont there is nothing better than hot chocolate. And, although it was my day off from work (Sat), I came to LCC to take advantage of a free hot chocolate tasting and to hear a great group of local amateur musicians,The Hinesburg Brass Ensemble, perform holiday carols. Being a clarinet player, many of my colleagues asked why I wasn't playing; they didn't seem to understand that the clarinet is a wood-wind and doesn't qualify as a brass instrument. Worried at first that the acoustics of our factory store might not be ideal for seven brass players, I was pleasantly surprised - the sound was spectacular. The low notes of the tuba, french horn & trombone perfectly balanced out the trumpets. For nearly an hour and a half, the store was filled with festive holiday carols and shoppers sipping hot chocolate while they were tempted by dozens of gift options.

For me, it wasn't tough to pick a favorite Traditional, Aztec, and Old World Hot Chocolate. The traditional is your classic hot chocolate; just what you remember Grammie making for you after an afternoon of sledding. The spicy Aztec with its cinnamon & cayenne warmed my soul; reminding me of Christmas spice cookies.  But being the dark chocolate lover that I am, the Old World Hot Chocolate, made with 54% dark chocolate and milk, was hands-down my top choice.  Rich, chocolatey, and oh-so-satisfying on a cold (yup, still only Fall!!) day.  


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