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Get the Grinch Out - Even if You're at Work!

Posted on December 4, 2008 12:19 PM by Leann
OK. Picture it. You’re at work, you’re tired and you have a mountain of things to do. Not feeling the holiday spirit, right? I know the suggestions in the last post are not a possibility right now so here is a short list of fun websites to visit to help get the Grinch out! They’re quick little hits that provide just the right amount of distraction to leave you feeling festive and ready to tackle that next project. Just because you’re at work doesn’t mean you can’t revel in the fun of the season.

Track Santa – Each year, NORAD helps families track Santa’s progress. It’s fun to do for all ages.

Office Max, the office supply people, came out with this a few years ago and I still find it funny today. Make an elf of yourself (and your family) and send it to friends to make them laugh.

Making a gingerbread house takes talent and patience, both of which I have in random, varying quantities. But to make on online, no problem.

Star in your own little Christmas story. Fill in the blanks and let the adventure begin.

This one I think is my favorite. Wander around the North Pole. You never know what or who you’ll run across. More fun for all ages and fun to keep coming back to.

SO, have a little fun, be a little silly and share these kooky sites with your friends so the can get the Grinch out to. And if you’re boss catches you, don’t blame it on us! Alright, ‘nuff said. Now, get back to work! I’m off to go eat a truffle.

PS – don’t forget – any and all comments on any December posts through December 16 enter you to win. Scroll down for the Blog Contest Post.

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December 5. 2008 10:04

These are all fun ways to waste a little more time on the computer. LOL Perfect for the holiday season. Smile

megan United States

December 5. 2008 10:59

Thanks for the 'out of the box' ginch ideas!

HILARY LEE United States

December 5. 2008 16:16

I love this list! It's really made a few office days go by quickly!

Janice United States

December 7. 2008 15:48

These suggestions are great -- I can't wait to do the "track Santa" thing with my kids!  Thanks!

Leah United States

December 8. 2008 08:16

These links are gr8! Every year v track santa and my kid love that so much...

Anu Sriram United States

December 9. 2008 09:08

Um,I love that box of chocolate in the picture.I tried to read the post but that box was calling to me.Yummo!

mistress meeyee United States

December 9. 2008 12:30

I had forgotten all about NORAD!!  My newphews are too old now, sadly, but maybe my godson (my "nephew" at heart) will be old enough to start to appreciate it.

The elf yourself thing goes without saying though Smile  

Thanks for this list, it will keep me entertained today - home sick instead of at the office, so definitely had a case of the grinch.  Smile

Tiffany Otten United States

December 10. 2008 14:47

I am salivating as I type.... everything looks so wodnerful!  And I love the Christmas links!!!  thanks!

Joanne United States

December 10. 2008 21:50

Hand over the chocolate and no one gets hurt!
Seriously, there are some great ideas here -- like making an elf of yourself!

Carolsue United States

December 10. 2008 22:27

Tracking Santa???? That is cool! Those chocolates at the top look so good!

Cindy King United States

December 12. 2008 18:38

fun links, thank you!

trisha too United States

December 12. 2008 22:32

Thanks for the 'out of the box' ginch ideas! the links are nice!

sharmi United States

December 14. 2008 15:16

I like to stir my coffee with a candycane - maybe bring some Christmas cookies to pass at work.  You could even set up a secret santa program for your office.  I think the thing to remember is to enjoy every minute, we never get the day back once its done.

Laura Schofield United States

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