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Chocolate Santas!

Posted on November 10, 2008 1:27 PM by Leann


The holiday season is here and with that, I share with you another little glimpse into the chocolate factory as the production crew is hard at work making milk chocolate Santa Pops. Oddly, they are one of the few holiday chocolates we don’t sell online but you can most likely find them at Whole Foods. (We do have other chocolate santas online, though.) I like to tie them to packages for a little extra treat.

Hope you enjoy the video. Ho Ho Ho!

PS - don't forget to comment on any and all entries before Nov 18 to be entered to win. Win what, you ask?

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November 11. 2008 12:41

Very cute. It's nice to see chocolate novelties that are still handmade - much nicer than the prepackaged stuff that's so pervasive around the holidays.

ValleyWriter United States

November 11. 2008 20:23

This might sound silly but I always wondered how put the different collors in the suckers....yes now I can do it! Thanks a bunch for the video!

Christine Mack United States

November 15. 2008 03:19

So cute! Thanks for the video, so fun to see! Handmade chocolate is always so much better! Keep posting the videos, we love them!

Jennifer United States

November 15. 2008 07:29

Those look yummy!  The ones I make at home never look that good!  :o)

Paula Lane United States

November 16. 2008 14:14

It is nice to see homemade items still being made.  It says so much about the company.  I try and support those types of companies over the mass producing ones when possible.

Danielle Behlmer United States

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