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Exhausted from Black Friday shopping? Need a special treat? Come to Lake Champlain Chocolates for a free hot chocolate tasting on Saturday from 12pm until 4pm at our Factory Store & Cafe to sooth yourself back to recovery!

Unwind with a flight of four all-natural drinking chocolate samples from around the world:

Traditional - just like the classic cocoa you were raised on, brought to the gourmet level
Mocha- a delightful coffee flavor with a hint of cinnamon
Aztec - spicy with cayenne, cinnamon, and vanilla
Old World - made with pure dark chocolate shavings (54% cocoa)

Just to recap-

When: Saturday,November 28th 12pm-4pm
Where: 750 Pine St LCC Factory Store & Cafe, Burlington, VT
Why? Because you deserve it! 

So come to our factory and take a break from that holiday shopping. Hope to see you there!

LCC is in the December issue of Glamour!

Posted on November 11, 2009 11:06 AM by Jillian

Wow!  Did I say wow already?  The Glamour Women of the Year Event was a spectacular and awing event.  It was a privilege and honor to just be in the vicinity of such inspiring and generous women.

Carnegie Hall was packed with VIPS and celebrities from all facets of life; music, fashion, sports, arts, medicine and politics.  It was just a dazzling array of strong, brave women and men humble (or smart) enough to acknowledge their worth. 

The evening was full of humor, humility, beauty, strength and powerful messages, many of them specifically targeted to the groups of girl scouts, and other girl clubs focused on giving young women the tools to reach for that much talked about “glass ceiling”,  scattered among the audience. 

Jane Aronson brought the audience to tears.  She was genuine and real, reminding all of us that we can accomplish anything if we only care enough to try and that even just one person CAN make a difference.

Amy Poelhler was funny.  No real surprise there, but many may be surprised to know that she is not just a comedian but also a woman who “wants to have an impact on girls so they feel like they can do anything”. 

And yet, in the presence of so many worthy and commendable women, Maya Angelou appeared to be the true force of the evening.  At 81 years of age, she was helped across the stage, given a chair to sit in, and proceeded to present the most powerful and touching speech of the entire evening.  She is indeed a courageous woman and a fitting recipient of the prestigious award of Woman of the Year.

 If I wasn’t proud to be a woman before there is no way that I couldn’t be after last night. Thank you Lake Champlain Chocolates for allowing me to attend and experience this once in a lifetime event that I will never forget.  -Laura  



LCC is in the December issue of Glamour! Check out pg. 66 for details on how to win a Glamour Women of the Year gift bag (or click on the link below). Included in the bags are our Chocolates of Vermont and Fruit & Nut Five Star Bars, as well as other amazing gifts from L’Oréal, Gucci, Panasonic and Ugg Australia just to name a few


Well, it’s that time again. Halloween has officially ended and it’s time to move on to the next holiday.…Thanksgiving! More so every year, I feel this holiday gets skipped over. I swear Christmas items are placed on store’s shelves leaving Thanksgiving with no fighting chance.

With all that in mind, I decided to take a walk back in the factory to check out our renowned Chocolate TurkeysFor those of you who have not taken our factory tour, I will do my very best to describe the process of making chocolate turkeys which is similar to many of our signature seasonal figures.

First, we hand fill the turkey moulds with our delicious chocolate.

Next, we assemble them on our Magnetic Tumbler (this is what makes them hollow on the inside!)

Once they are dry, we have someone “pop” each chocolate turkey out of their mould (no machine necessary here!)


Then we line them up like turkey soldiers so they can be transferred to packaging


Lastly, they are wrapped up with a festive bow and are ready to eat!

Luckily, we make these cute little birds in milk and dark chocolate so take your pick. They are great for place settings or if you really want to get creative you can turn them into an entire thanksgiving centerpiece scene! There goes my imagination, but seriously the possibilities are endless!

So please, I beg you, don’t forget about Thanksgiving!! It is an extremely important holiday of friends, family, food and giving thanks. Gobbling up our chocolate turkeys is just an added bonus! 


Our Local Secret!

Posted on October 20, 2009 2:15 PM by Jillian


Bet you don’t know what makes our chocolate soooo sweet! Well, our secret is out! It’s time to check out our local secret, the Vermont Butter & Cheese Creamery!  They are visiting our factory store at our 750 Pine St location in Burlington on Saturday, October 24th at 2pm. This is part of a new series by LCC, featuring local farmers who provide the fresh, natural ingredients that have always played a role in our delicious chocolates. You better come early to grab a seat; this is going to be good!


The event begins with a butter tasting presentation by Adeline Druart of  Vermont Butter and Cheese (VBC). She will talk about how their award winning butter is made and discuss the taste and appearance of different butters. She will also share VBC's commitment to working with Vermont farmers around the state to support sustainable agriculture. 

And of course there will be chocolate! Gary Coffey, our Director of Retail, will be discussing how chocolate is made, the differences between chocolates, desirable qualities of chocolate, and the six steps of tasting chocolate. You will get to sample a variety of chocolates and butters and learn how VBC’s European cultured butter enhances the flavor of our chocolates.  So come on down, no need to register!