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Planning a trip to Vermont? Looking for a delicious activity in Burlington? Visit us and take in the sights, sounds, aromas and flavors of a chocolate factory! Our factory tour was named one of the top five chocolate tours in the US; set on an observation deck looking over the factory floor visitors get through-the-window views of caramel cascading from copper pots and our famous Five Star Bars being enrobed in dark chocolate.

Did we mention our tours are free? Monday through Friday, on the hour, from 10am-2pm we invite you to join us on a chocolate journey. You’ll learn the history of our family owned company, how we source and make our gourmet chocolates and, of course, will sample some products and be deemed an official LCC taste tester!

Here’s what some recent visitors are saying about their tour experience:

“This tour was both a culinary and educational success. As a teacher, I appreciated all the tools you employed; oral, visual, audio, tasting, film. As a cook I appreciated the food aspect; health, enjoyment. As a concerned citizen I liked hearing about fair trade and your local commitment. “ -George, NY

“The education on chocolate making was the best thing about our visit. We could see the entire factory and all the equipment. The presentation on chocolate making was so detailed and clear that even the kids were enthralled. Little samples of the chocolates were given out as they went through the various stages of processing. It was just incredibly well done.” -Linda, Wisconsin

We hope you’ll join us at our factory for a chocolate discovery. See you soon!

There’s a synergy between microbreweries and LCC: the attention to craft, the ingredients, the process. The opportunity to work with these amazing, local brewers is one we look forward to every year.  What chocolate to pair with what beer?  The combinations are endless and as we like to say, there are no rules! The exploration is a lot of fun and the discovery of a perfect pairing is memorable.                                                                                                                                                      

Due to overwhelming demand in past years, LCC hosted two chocolate and beer pairing sessions at this year's Brewer's Fest. While many of these beers are only available locally, you can probably find similar style beers in your area. 



Here are this year’s pairings:

Chocolate: Caramelized Hazelnuts

Whole Oregon Roasted Hazelnuts candied in copper kettles and tumbled coated in milk chocolate.

Beer: Zero Gravity – The Keeper (7.2%) Aged and blended Biere de Garde.


Chocolate: Organic Spicy Aztec

Dark chocolate with a blend of spicy cayenne pepper, pumpkin seeds, and cinnamon delivers big flavors.

Beer: Trapp Lager Brewery – Star Trapp: The Next Collaboration Lager (6.5%)


Chocolate: Organic Creamy Coconut Bar

Classic combo of rich dark chocolate filled with a creamy coconut center made with Kimball Brook Farms heavy cream and creamed coconut.

Beer: Fiddlehead Brewing Co. - Hodad Vanilla, Chocolate, Coconut Porter (5.5%)

Paradise in a glass. This beer is brewed using real vanilla beans, cacao nibs, and plenty of coconut which was toasted in a wood fired oven.


Chocolate: BeBop Hop Bar

Collaboration brew-bar; a malty caramel sweetened with Long Trail wort and infused with hop oil creates a one-of-a-kind beer and chocolate experience!

Beer: Long Trail Brewing Co. – Cacao Porter, brewed with Belize cacao nibs and a good malty base

Be sure to check out the video above and some photos from the event that really capture the energy and excitement of the brewers, chocolate makers, and fans! We really shouldn’t wait a whole year to do this again!

Chocolate Covered Orange Peels

Posted on July 19, 2013 9:53 AM by Amy Lipsitz

It takes three days to craft these sweet, citrus chocolates, but one bite makes it all worth it!

1. Our orange peels start as fresh oranges that we peel by hand. Next, the oranges are blanched in boiling water three times to remove any impurities in the peels as well as most of the bitter flavor.

2. After that, the oranges are cooked in a sugar syrup for about an hour and a half on a slow simmer to allow the sugar to absorb into the peels. Once the sugar has fully absorbed into the peels, they’re removed from the heat and allowed to sit in the syrup overnight to ensure the sugar concentration is at its peak.The next day, the peels are cut into strips by hand and dried in a low temperature oven to remove excess moisture.

Now for the chocolate…

3. The next day the peels are enrobed in 54% dark chocolate. This is a two step process- first, the chocolates are coated on one side then flipped and coated on the other for maximum chocolate coverage, which is very important! 

4. We let the chocolate set and then they're ready for you to enjoy!


Ice Cream at Summervale!

Posted on July 11, 2013 11:21 AM by Amy Lipsitz

The first Summervale is finally here! Summervale is a celebration of community, Vermont farms, and local food. Each Thursday night, the Intervale comes to life with delicious food and drink from local farmers and producers, scrumptious tastings from Slow Food Vermont, local live music, City Market food workshops and kids' activities from Healthy Living! 

We’ll be there serving up scoops of our delicious 100% Vermont dairy ice cream; Vanilla Bean, Belgian Chocolate, Almond Butter Crunch, and Coffee. It’s sure to be a great night full of good food, friends and fun. Hope to see you there!


4th of July Ice Cream Desserts

Posted on July 2, 2013 11:29 AM by Amy Lipsitz

A 4th of July celebration wouldn’t be complete without dessert. At LCC summer desserts must include one of two things, chocolate or ice cream! Here’s a list of our favorites for the 4th...

Patriotic Sundaes

Take LCC vanilla ice cream, drizzle with hot fudge sauce and top with fresh strawberries and blueberries.

United Shakes of America

Put vanilla ice cream and milk in a blender and blend to desired consistency. Pour the shake into three containers and add mashed up strawberries to one, mashed blueberries to another and leave the last as is. Take tall glasses and fill one glass 1/3 of the way with the blueberry shake mix, 1/3 with the plain vanilla and 1/3 with the strawberry, enjoy!

Independence Day Ice Cream Cake

Bake an Ultimate Chocolate Cake and let cool. Add a layer of ice cream between the cakes, frost with your favorite icing and decorate with red and blue candies. Allow the cake to set in the freezer for at least 45 minutes before serving.

Red, White and Blue Ice Cream Sandwiches

Make sugar cookie batter and split in two, add mashed up blueberries to one batch and mashed up rasberries to the other, bake and let cool. Add LCC vanilla ice cream atop a rasberry cookie, top with a blueberry cookie and enjoy!

Wishing you a happy, chocolate and ice cream filled 4th of July!


Although the Burlington Discover Jazz Festival ended a few weeks ago, we are still reminiscing on all the fun times we had with our partners at Long Trail! Our limited edition BeBop Hop Bar, created to raise funds for the FlynnArts “LCC Youth in Jazz Scholarship,” was an incredible success!

Festival goers, hop fanatics, and chocolate lovers purchased 1,695 bars, which raised over $4,300 towards the scholarship fund. Our goal was to beat our record from last year’s Boom Bam Bourbon Pecan Bar sales and…we did!  We raised last year’s number by 349 bars, which will help create even more opportunities in performing arts education for young musicians in Vermont. 

We had so much fun creating the BeBop Hop Bar and are already looking forward to next year. Any ideas for an encore chocolate bar that reflects the Burlington Discover Jazz Festival?  Send them our way!


It stopped raining and the sun is shining just in time for the weekend…we’ll be celebrating summer tonight at the South End Truck Stop with our pops and ice cream! The South End Truck Stop is a weekly food truck rally held every Friday in the parking lot behind 400 Pine St. from 4:30- 9pm. Food and drink are provided by Burger Barn, Southern Smoke, Muchacho Taco, Mocean Mate, Fiddlehead Brewery and more! A portion of the proceeds from the Truck Stop benefit the Chittenden Emergency Food Shelf--good times for a good cause.

Lake Champlain Chocolates will have lemonade, pina colada and half & half flavored pops; they are the perfect, refreshing dessert after a food truck dinner! For those looking for something a bit more creamy and decadent we will have Belgian Chocolate, Vanilla Bean, Coffee and Almond Butter Crunch flavored LCC ice cream.

Food, drinks, music, neighbors, what better way to celebrate summer in Burlington! See you there!

Father’s Day is right around the corner and whether dad prefers to cast a few lines on the lake or brew his own beer, we have the perfect gift. Trust us, he doesn’t want another tie or case of golf balls…he wants gourmet chocolate!

For the Outdoorsman:  Does dad like to fish and enjoy the beautiful outdoors? Our Chocolate Fish are the perfect gift for him. Hand-made with rich, creamy milk chocolate and decorated with decadent white and dark chocolates, dad will love them!

For the Life of the Party:  Is your dad the entertainer? If he loves a great party he'll love our Revel Chocolates. Each hand-made piece reveals a dreamy-smooth ganache paired with inspired ingredients like WhistlePig Whiskey, Vermont creme fraiche, and George Howell Espresso; there's a party in every bite!

For the Five-Star Dad: Does your dad go above and beyond? Has he earned the title of five-star dad? We got the perfect gift for him! Our Five Star Bars are downright decadent; they come in five delicious flavors, hazelnut, fruit and nut, peanut, caramel, and granola, and are the ultimate way to show dad how special he is!

For the Beer Fanatic: Does your dad love a delicious, hoppy beer? Well do we have the chocolate bar for him! Our Be Bop Hop Bar is made of rich milk chocolate filled with hop-infused caramel…that’s right, beer and chocolate!   Act quick, this limited-edition bar is only available until June 9th!