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Our Director of Marketing, Cathy Wisloski, was on WCAX last night, talking about pairing our chocolate with local wine from Shelburne Vineyard. Watch the clip below for some great pairing notes, and read more about the pairings she mentions:

1. Lake View White with our Crème Fraîche Truffle: This wine has a light crisp flavor profile, with a little acidity and a little sweetness. The crème fraiche folded into our smooth milk chocolate in this truffle means there is a slight tartness to its flavor. Together, the sweet crispness in the wine offsets the tanginess in the truffle, creating that elusive, third flavor that only the perfect pairing can produce.

2. Louise Swenson with our Bergamont and Tea infused truffle: The astringency of the tea in this truffle is blended with the richness of the chocolate. Together, the chocolate highlights the fruitiness of the wine, and the wine lifts out the orange spice in the truffle.

3. Duet Ice Wine with our Caramelized almonds: In this pairing, the rich, luscious, thick body, of the wine is complemented by the buttery, rich flavor of the caramelized almonds. Together, the nuttiness in the almonds and the hints of apricot in the wine combine to create an incredible desert pairing

4. Vermont Marquette with our 70% dark Peru Chocolate: The Peruvian origin of the beans in this dark chocolate means it contain deep cherry notes, and these help to bring out the subtle spiciness of the Vermont Marquette, which is rich in a deep red fruit flavor.

Is all this talk making your mouth water? Come Visit Us at Shelburne Vineyard this Saturday, February 9, from 11 am to 5pm, to try it for yourself!

The Splendor of Vermont

Posted on August 22, 2012 4:08 PM by Meghan

I’m in denial that summer is almost over.  We’ve had an amazing one here in Vermont this year, I’m not sure Lake Champlain has looked more beautiful than it has lately.  Case in point below (taken last night!)

We are lucky; however, that fall in Vermont also tips the scales in the beautiful department.  And I have to say that I do love curling up with a cup of hot chocolate after being outside in the cool, crisp air.

So with the coming of fall, comes our stunning new autumn graphics.  We spend a lot of time (almost as much as making the chocolates themselves) on our packaging—it must live up to the quality of the chocolates!  I thought it might be nice to share some words from the designer herself and hear the concepts behind our handsome designs.

These designs mimic a linocut technique that is more “folksy” but yet retains a contemporary feel. This is achieved through color and shape and pattern of the interior (“veins”) of the leaves as well as the repeat patter in the bottom portion of the box.
We all expect the traditional hot bright saturated hues of autumn- the reds, oranges, and yellows.  This color palette explores the intermediate colors- ginger oranges, muted teals, olive yellow greens and stormy grey purples- that are also present in this transitional season.
The decorative patterns on the leaves depict the multi-faceted framework and unique structure that each leaf possesses and takes it to a purely graphic level.  They became art.
Fall is a tapestry of color that is not only visual but tactile and both the leaf graphics and the repeat pattern of leaves and seed pod reinforce that proposition.

Here’s to fall- the splendor of Vermont.

 …and how we’ve established such a fervent following

 Ten:  We’re a part of the Vermont Fresh Network, which means we strive to build innovative partnerships among farmers, chefs and consumers to strengthen Vermont agriculture.

Nine: Because it’s made in super small batches by one person in one five-gallon ice cream maker.


 Eight: Our Maple Butter Pecan is hands down the best maple ice cream around.

Seven:  Our Ice Cream Cafes can turn any ice cream flavor into a milkshake.  What’s better, the milkshakes are made from only two ingredients: fresh Vermont milk and local Vermont ice cream.  But you can always have us add some malt powder if you like.

Six:  Our ice cream is the perfect compliment to our 75% cocoa content Tanzania chocolate sauce.  And fresh whipped cream.

Five:  We have two flavors of sorbet.  Not only vegan and low-calorie, but out-of-this-world-amazing.

Four:  Our famous handcrafted Almond Butter Crunch has made its debut as an ice cream flavor.

 Three:  You can buy pints of our ice cream along with your weekly groceries at Shelburne Supermarket, City Market or Healthy Living. 

Two:  We have three scoop shop locations in Vermont.  Visit any of our stores for a timeless treat all year long.

One:  There couldn’t be a better scoop of chocolate ice cream than the one made with gourmet Lake Champlain Chocolates.

How We Make Our Maple Toffee

Posted on January 23, 2009 2:21 PM by Leann

The other day, I was lucky enough to catch them making the maple toffee used in our Chocolates of Vermont Maple Crunch. Made with Vermont maple syrup and fresh butter, it’s one of our top chocolates and also ranks high on my list but I’d never seen it being made. It was great to watch and it smelled incredible. I guess I never really thought about what went into the making of it.

With that being said, I did my best to capture it on video to share with you. I’ve got to fess up about something though. I am not the most technically savvy person in the room so in the course of taping, I managed to miss one of the coolest parts – the pour. Once the toffee reaches the correct temp, it’s taken off the fire and wheeled over to the cooling table on this neat hoist. They crank it up high and then pour it out and it’s just glorious. I’ll try to catch it another time but until then, enjoy!

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