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Happy Valentine's Day

Posted on February 13, 2009 4:17 PM by Jason

From All of us at Lake Champlain Chocolates,

Have A Happy Valentine's Day!


Valentines Day. Chocolate Hearts. It’s simple word association. You say one – you think of the other. At least I do but I doubt I’m alone. With the shopping done and the heart shaped box of chocolate bought (right?!) what’s left? Did you make a sweet little card with pink and red hearts and lace doilies? Come on, that’s fun and it’s really a nice surprise when you receive it. I promise!

Here’s another idea – bake something. I’m going to make our Ultimate Chocolate Cake. I know I’ve mentioned it before but it’s worth repeating. You’ve got to try this recipe! It’s fun, it’s simple and it’s delicious. Anyone can make it! I know you think it’s easier to grab a box of mix, throw in a couple eggs and some oil and you’re done but with hardly any additional effort, you can wow your friends (and yourself) with this easy chocolate cake from scratch. Give it a shot. You might just find a new calling but at the very least, you’ll end up with some wicked tasty cake!  To ensure your cake is a masterpiece, also don’t forget to also use our famous Unsweetened, Organic Baking Cocoa Powder.

What's Your Pet Name?

Posted on February 12, 2008 1:45 PM by Admin

It’s coming down to the wire for those looking to send chocolate gifts for Valentines Day and the staff is starting to feel it! The phones are ringing off the hook and we’re running out of Valentines Chocolates left and right. With various filled hearts already out of stock and our Valentines Chocolate Gift Basket about to run out, folks are turning to the traditional signature big heart box of chocolates. You can’t go wrong with that though, so no problem.

With all the orders that are being taken, it’s fun to hear the messages that people are including in with their shipments. When we ask “ Would you like to include a message?” many folks are pretty sheepish with their reply. But, once we get them over their self-consciousness about their pet names and inside jokes, the result is usually very sweet! We could probably write a book about it. Sure, you get the occasional weird sounding message and for a moment, I wonder what the recipient will think when they get it but as long as it’s tempered with some wonderful Valentine’s Day truffles  or chocolate hearts , no big deal, right? So far to date, my favorite pet name has been “Your little Zip”. I have no idea what it means but I think Zip is a pretty funny little nickname.

So, Happy Valentines Day to all the Little Zips out there! I hope you all get lots of tokens of love!