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I mentioned it before but it’s official. It’s out and we’re in it. Paula Deen’s magazine has put out a special issue all about chocolate and it’s now available. In it, on page 122, you’ll find a two-page spread all about us. How exciting! There’s also a lot of other stuff in the chocolate issue called Chocolate Celebration including recipes for not just sweet chocolate treats but entrees made with chocolate too. It’s a really nice magazine, something you buy and keep around for the recipes. And the best thing, in my opinion, is there are hardly any ads and absolutely none of those smelly perfume samples pages. Just beautiful images of chocolatey goodness!

I’m sure you can find it in your local bookstore or maybe even your supermarket but if you look and don’t have any luck, you can order it on their website at Or, you can stop by here at the chocolate factory and I’ll let you take a peek at mine. What’s better than reading about chocolate while sipping on an iced vanilla latte?! (Now if only her adorable sons would stop in...)

Have you seen us lately?

Posted on March 28, 2008 1:54 PM by Leann

I have to say, I’m really overwhelmed by all the places we’ve been popping up in print and on the internet. Some of these I am happy and proud to take a little credit for but there are blog mentions and article inclusions that were just a complete pleasant surprise. And since it’s all pretty positive, it’s like a sweet little treat every time I come across one.

Most recently, I noticed there was a great deal of traffic coming to our website from a blog called Soule Mama. I was curious as to how it is that so many folks are finding us from this blog so I went to it and there was a lovely photo of a beautiful little one in the middle of nibbling off the ear of one of our chocolate bunnies. The entry indicated we are now part of this lovely little one’s Easter tradition and that just makes me smile. It’s a pretty neat blog so give it a read.

As for where you can see us next, I have it on good authority that we are being featured in the upcoming Special Chocolate Collection issue of Cooking with Paula Deen. The magazine doesn’t hit news stands for a few weeks but if you promise not to tell anyone, I’ll tell you where you will find us – page 122. We’re so excited, we can’t even tell you. The folks there were so wonderful to work with - real Southern hospitality!

Recently, I made Paula Deen's Black and White Cookies and used our Sao Thome 70% dark chocolate baking chips in the icing for the black portion. They were yummy and definitely worth the effort and the calories. Be sure to grab a copy when it hits newsstands. From what I understand, it’s their chocolate issue and definitely not to be missed if you’re a fan of Paula Deen’s like me.

Photo property of Soule Mama.