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Chocolates for Mom!

Posted on April 26, 2012 2:59 PM by Meghan

Give your mom as gift as sweet as she is- luxurious, gourmet chocolates!  Mother’s Day is Sunday, May 13 so stop by one of our three retail stores and we’d be happy to help you select the perfect gift for Mom. We have clusters, caramels, truffles, chocolate flowers, gift baskets— everything to show mom how special she is.

LCC Retail Stores

750 Pine Street
Burlington, VT
Monday-Saturday 9-6pm
Sunday 12-5pm

65 Church Street
Burlington, VT
Monday-Thursday 10-8pm
Friday-Saturday 10-9pm
Sunday 11-7pm

Route 100 – Cabot Annex
Waterbury, VT
Monday-Sunday 9-6pm

PS- Don’t forget to enter our Chocolates for Mom Contest!

Hello, Summer!

Posted on May 4, 2010 2:56 PM by Allison

It’s getting to be that time of year again, I’m afraid.

While we’re all overjoyed to be playing in the dirt, smelling spring’s blossoms and loving the bike rides to ice cream stands after dinner, warmer temperatures and singing robins mark the beginning of a summer shipping schedule at Lake Champlain Chocolates. (In other words: order your chocolates now!)

Here’s the skinny.  From May 10th until June 1st we require that all chocolate shipped outside of New England be shipped via 2-Day Air.  From June 1st until September 30th, we require all chocolate outside of New England to be sent overnight.

Why such strict regulations, you ask?  We would hate for you to pay for an adorable Chocolate Frog, gourmet chocolate truffles or some lovely Mother’s Day Chocolates just to have them melt in transit.  Shortening transit times allows your chocolate to arrive safe and sound (and solid) to be enjoyed in the same high quality condition it leaves our factory in.

So, in a manner of speaking, this is last call and my recommendation is to stock up now.  I’d hate for a Caramel Five Star Bar craving to go unchecked. 

If you do happen to order after May 10th and realize that shipping charges are a little pricier than you were expecting, remember that all of our chocolates are made by seasoned chocolatiers and are carefully packed with tissue paper, ice/gel packs and a personalized card.  We couldn’t bear to send you anything that’s less than perfect.


Posted on May 3, 2010 10:49 AM by Erin

Every time a holiday rolls around, I'm always racking my brain trying to think of the perfect chocolate for Mother's Day.  Then after a few days, I usually resort to asking her what she really wants or needs.  If your Mom is anything like mine, the answer is always the same: "Please, save your money.  I don't need anything.  I don't want anything.  Just send me a card".  I'm not sure what it is about motherhood that makes you a martyr.  Or maybe it's that you never stop worrying about your kids.

Well whatever it is, I think a gourmet chocolate gift may be your answer.  Really, it's the perfect Mom gift.  It's practical - she doesn't need to water it, store it, try it on (only to return it later).  Nor does it require batteries or setup.  At the same time, she will be impressed by how extraordinary Lake Champlain Chocolates are. Mom will appreciate the fact that our chocolates are handcrafted in small batches (the old-fashioned way) and made from all-natural, local ingredients.

Mom will also approve that we have chocolate gifts for any budget.  Our Chocolate Truffles are always a hit on Mother's Day, with gift boxes starting at just $12.  Our assorted Chocolate Gift Boxes are also popular, especially the beautiful Spring 15 Piece and Summer 15 Piece Gift Boxes (both $29).  If you're looking for something really fun, my Mom loves the Chocolate Fish!  Or, the Chocolate Flowers are also a great value at $19.

Those are just a few gifts that I'm sure your Mom would be thrilled to receive this Mother's Day...and more importantly won't keep her up at night worrying about how much you spent.  If you'd like any other suggestions, give us a call!

Looking for a Mother’s Day Gift?

Posted on April 28, 2010 9:38 AM by Meghan

We have just two words for you:  Lobster & Chocolate.

Can you think of two more decadent, indulgent foods?  So this got me thinking, as a fairly new mom this might be a perfect Mother’s Day gift- a lobster dinner followed by some delicious truffles for dessert.  Throw in some good wine and good (adult) company and you’ve got a pretty great Mother’s Day gift.

You know where to get the Mother's Day Chocolate, but what about the lobster?  Lucky for us we have friends in good places, like the Hancock Gourmet Lobster Co. in Maine.  They focus on creating the best all-natural specialty lobster products.  Check out their facebook page and see what’s happening – there are all sorts of choices, personally I love just plain ol’ lobster with some butter for dipping but I am tempted by some of their other creations such as Lobster Mac n’ Cheese or how about a Lobster Soufflé?  As my 3 year old would say, “oooh boy!”  (and now you know why I specified adult company -and wine).

As for the chocolate, we’ve got some great options too-  including the Spring Chocolate Selection (an assortment of the most popular flavors), chocolate flowers and amazing dark chocolate covered orange peels. And as always, don't forget our popular collection of Organic Chocolate Turffles. No lobster covered chocolate yet but with crazy combos like bacon and chocolate, who knows what unique chocolate gifts are next??

PS- Mother's Day is Sunday May 9th!

For Mom...

Posted on May 5, 2009 11:16 AM by Jason

This Mother’s Day you may be asking yourself: “Should I get Mom flowers or chocolate again this year?” You probably got Mom flowers or chocolate for the past 20 years, ever since you graduated from your macaroni pasta and glitter cards you made in grade school. So if you’re having doubts of whether to send Mother's Day Chocolates again this year I have one thing to say…

…Your Mom loves chocolate and flowers, why ruin a good thing?

To help you decide on a unique chocolate gift to get for Mom this year, I’ve enlisted the aid of the most knowledgeable Lake Champlain Chocolates gift givers. I’ve taken an informal poll of which products our Lake Champlain Chocolates employees will be purchasing for their Mother’s (or loved ones). Just in case their Mother’s are fans of the LCC Blog, I will not be naming names.

Here are the Lake Champlain Chocolates that our employee’s Mother’s love:

Nonpareils – she loves them!

My mother only likes milk, so I’m going to do a bouquet of Milk Flower pops.  And maybe a Peanut Butter Cup or Sea Salt Caramels.

For my Mother-in law, the 16 piece Chocolate Truffle Candy Box.

Since my mom doesn’t have a huge sweet tooth I like to get her something she can bring to the office to share. I’m going to send her the 15- piece Chocolate Gift Box. She likes the variety.

Raspberry Vienna’s, Lake Champlain Chocolates Ice cream, & Gourmet Hot Cocoa.

My mother just loves our truffles!  I would buy her the 5-piece Organic Truffles since the design is so beautiful but that would not be enough artisan truffles for her.  I believe only the 16- piece everyday box would be acceptable.

For something special for Mother’s Day, I’m going to give our Signature Chocolate Gift Basket (and a pint of LCC ice cream!). 

Got a better idea? Leave us a comment and tell us what you’ll be getting your Mom for Mother’s Day this year

What to get Mom?!

Posted on April 25, 2008 9:32 AM by Admin

I see my mother once or twice a week. Each time I visit, I bring chocolate gifts of some variety but they always include an organic milk chocolate bar with sea salt and almonds. I’ve mentioned it before, it’s her favorite. Sure she likes everything I bring her but we all have our favorites.

So, now that Mother’s Day is almost here, I’m a little stuck as to what to give her. I want to give her Mother's Day chocolates because I think it’s more fun than flowers as she can share them. You know how moms are with that whole sharing thing. Besides, she has a huge flower garden and once spring hits, her house is already filled with fresh flowers. So fine chocolate is the gift of choice. But since I always bring her gourmet chocolate and I work in a chocolate factory, do you think it’s a cop-out?

And just what chocolates should I give her? I never treat her to the pretty seasonal boxes of chocolates like this year’s summer Selection. I just never think of it. And I don’t think she’s had the chocolate dipped apricots so maybe she’d like that. I don’t know. I just don’t know. I’m open to suggestions. What are you getting your mom?