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It’s no secret that Switchback Brewery is a local legend here in Vermont.  Their classic Unfiltered Ale is on tap in every bar in town and chances are if you try it once, you’ll be hooked. 

You may remember from last year’s Chocolate and Beer Pairings at Brew Fest, we paired Switchback’s Porter with our classic 54% Dark Chocolate.  This year, same brewery, different beer, different chocolate and amazing results.

Switchback’s Roasted Red & Honey Caramel

Our Chocolates of Vermont Honey Caramel is made from sweet, locally-harvested honey which is infused into our caramel and then drenched in a semisweet dark chocolate. The honey gives the caramel a complex blend of flavors beyond your typical caramel.

Switchback’s Roasted Red has strong, caramelized malt notes which match up beautifully with the Honey Caramel.  The floral notes in the honey really enhanced and brightened up the rich, hoppy flavor of the Roasted Red.  This is one match you have to try!

Learn how Local Bees make our Chocolate buzz!

Posted on January 19, 2010 1:19 PM by Meghan

Think that Vermont honey is pretty sweet?  So do we!

Need something fun to do this Saturday afternoon?  Well, we're inviting you to join us this Saturday, January 23rd for a FREE honey and chocolate tasting at 2:00pm at our 750 Pine Street Factory Store & Café.  This is our second event in our Local Secret series, which we kicked off last October with the Vermont Butter & Cheese Creamery.  The afternoon will start off with a honey tasting presentation by William Mares of the Vermont Beekeepers Association (VBA).  William will talk about how beekeepers collect the honey, the variety and sources of honey including the unique aspects of Vermont honey, and VBA's work with over 1,200 local beekeepers who work to sustain Vermont's honey industry. You'll be able to sample honey in its many forms including liquid, comb, creamed and whipped, something out of the ordinary for a Saturday afternoon.  Educational and fun!

Participants will learn how to taste and evaluate the varieties

of honey and engage in a discussion of the different flavors, as well as the storage and shelf life of honey (the difference between buying honey from Wal-Mart vs. Artisan Honey, for example).  Of course you'll be able to sample your favorite LCC products such as our chocolate caramels so you can taste for yourself why we use VBA's honey in our recipes.  Looks like our secret's out - again!

It's indoors, so take a break from your outdoor adventures, or come after you get back from a morning spent at the mountain to warm up and taste something sweet with us at LCC.  Our Hot Chocolate Café will be open, too – in case you were wondering – so if you want to come get some of your favorites as well as stock up on your chocolate supply you’ll be all set!

We hope to see you there!