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$5 Flat Rate Shipping!

Posted on October 21, 2010 9:47 AM by Meghan

Here at LCC, we’re proud to kick off another holiday gift giving season. While you folks are talking pumpkins, we have been busy for weeks planning that perfect moment when your special someone receives their holiday gift of Christmas chocolate.
Lucky for you, this year you can let your wallet take a breather while taking advantage of our special, limited time offer of $5 standard shipping on any order, no matter how large You can choose the delivery date to be as late as December 30, 2010. But hurry, this offer ends November 1st!

All of our holiday chocolates are carefully hand-packed in festive boxes with fun seasonal packaging, and delivered straight to the recipient’s door. We’ll even include a personalized gift message with your package – guaranteed to stick around longer than any of our mouth-watering creations.

Impress a group with one of our holiday chocolate gift baskets, stock up on chocolate assortment gift boxes to have on hand (you know you’ll need them) or  treat yourself with some gourmet hot chocolate. Either way, take advantage now so you can relax later!

This holiday season; give a gift you know they will love to receive!


Go ahead - bite my head off!

Posted on December 5, 2007 3:15 PM by Leann

I have a chocolate Santa but I’m not sure which part to eat first. If he were an Easter Bunny, it’d be a no-brainer. Ears. Definitely the ears. If it were a peanut butter cup, I’d eat the edges first and then go for the peanutty middle. If it were a Five Star Bar, I’d slice it up and eat it like some exotic cheese. But it’s not. It’s this beautiful, hand-decorated milk chocolate Santa with a face that keeps staring at me when I’m about to bite into it.

A few years back, I gave my Dad one of our really large chocolate Santas. He stands about 18 inches high and weighs a ton. I thought he was just gorgeous and would look really lovely in the center of the table with pine boughs and candy canes around him. I watched as my Dad opened him, turned him around for everyone to see and then removed the cellophane wrapper. He walked into the kitchen where I thought he was going to place him on the dinner table. Moments later, we hear this loud banging. I go into the kitchen and there’s my Dad smashing Santa into bite size bits. Good thing he already got his presents or he might have been moved to the Naughty list.

Perhaps if I’m really careful, I can delicately nibble the toy sack on his back without making him look too mangled. Regardless, I’ll forgo the smashing and maybe think on it some more but I’m definitely open to suggestions.