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Last year, craft cider was making a name for itself in Vermont. We picked up a bottle of Citizen Cider Unified Press and after a few sips found ourselves wondering how we could incorporate that delicious apple flavor into our caramels. The answer was to boil down apple pressings from Happy Valley Orchard, where Citizen Cider get their apples, and create our own apple syrup. We blended this delicious syrup with our slow-cooked caramel and added a splash of cider then coated it all in 34% milk chocolate. That is how this wonderful partnership began and these caramels came to life.

With one bite you'll be reminded of a chocoalte caramel covered apple, only better! These Apple Cider Caramels are available in our three retail stores and online now. 

Because our apple syrup is only produced two times a year these caramels are in limited supply and high demand. Don’t miss your chance to taste a unique Vermont chocolate!

How To Tie Ribbon Like a Pro

Posted on November 28, 2012 8:32 AM by Caitlin

The holiday season is fast approaching, and that means it's not only time to buy gifts (and if you're looking, we have a great selection of holiday chocolate,) but it also means you have to wrap all of those gifts.

In our chocolate shops, we know a thing or two about how to create a beautifully packaged box, and we thought we would share some of these tips with you. Watch the video below to see how we do it, and if you want to see our beautiful wrapping in person, visit one of our stores!

I’ve found yet another potential item for my holiday shopping list. Yes, it has to do with chocolate. And yes, it has to do with this home spa treatment kick I’ve been on. It’s just that when it comes to holiday gifts for my friends, I feel they should be an indulgent treat, not something they “need”. I’ll let their families get them that. I wanna give chocolate and other feel good stuff. And with that, I present Decadent Chocolate Body Scrub.

The ingredient list of this body scrub reads like something you’d want to eat – organic cocoa powder, pure cane sugar, olive oil, coconut oil, lime, orange, and vanilla essential oils. When I got a sample of this from Lisa Ann Skincare Co, I couldn’t wait to go home and try it. I never really gave any notice to body scrubs before so you can imagine how shocked I was to see how soft it leaves your skin. Amazing! And it smells incredible.

Bundle this up with a Winter Hot Chocolate Tin or a box of Chocolate Truffles for enjoying afterwards and your gift will be their favorite.

 PS - Don't forget, time to get entered to win in our Cookbook and Chocolate Giveaway is winding down. Don't miss out!

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