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The Hunt is On.

Posted on March 29, 2012 4:42 PM by Meghan

Cars are honking.  No, not in a bad, “I’m so annoyed” kind of way (this is Vermont after all). These honks sound happy.   Yes, even honks can have personality.  Ok, so why are all these cars honking so much?  I’ll give you one guess.  The Easter Bunny!

Everyone loves the Easter Bunny.  He dances. He waves.  He wears a bowtie.  Ok, sometimes kids may want to keep their distance, but absolutely everyone loves what the Easter Bunny brings in his basket each year.  A chocolate bunny, some chocolate Easter eggs, jelly beans, and some green grass and you’ve got yourself a perfectly filled Easter basket.

And then there’s the Easter egg hunt.  Even though it can be cold, and even snowing some years, there are some great easter egg hunts to choose from in Vermont.  One of our favorites is down the street from us at Oakledge Park, on the shores of Lake Champlain.  It’s the Eggstravaganza!    The LCC Bunny is there along with 10,000 eggs, food, activities, music— you name it, this Easter egg hunt has got it.

What sort of Easter egg hunts happen in your neck of the woods?

Be quick as a bunny!

Posted on March 26, 2012 10:15 AM by Meghan

Our stores have everything you need to fill your Easter basketchocolate bunnies, cream-filled eggs, all-natural jelly beans and even chocolate carrots!

Stop by one of our three retail stores and be sure to say hello to the LCC Bunny!

LCC Retail Stores

750 Pine Street
Burlington, VT
Monday-Saturday 9-6pm
Sunday 12-5pm

65 Church Street
Burlington, VT
Monday-Thursday 10-7pm
Friday-Saturday 10-9pm
Sunday 11-6pm

Route 100 – Cabot Annex
Waterbury, VT
Monday-Sunday 9-6pm

Easter Bunny Update!

Posted on March 30, 2010 1:36 PM by Peter Cottontail

Hey everyone- I’m back for another entry!   Phew, it was a busy weekend but the Egg-Stravaganza chocolate Easter egg hunt went off without a hitch and the Lake Champlain Chocolates Factory store was hopping (sorry, I can’t resist) with people buying chocolate bunny rabbits, frogscarrots and all sorts of delicious treats to fill their gourmet chocolate Easter baskets. So now we’re into the home stretch. Yes, Easter is THIS Sunday.  Don’t be caught at the drugstore buying up the last lonely piece of Easter candy on the shelf Saturday night.  You can still order Easter chocolates by this Thursday, April 1st (no joking!) and have it arrive on Friday, April 2nd.

Oh, before I forget I want to mention- if you’re in Vermont and near one of Lake Champlain Chocolates’ stores (Pine St or Church St in Burlington or Rte 100 in Waterbury), be sure to buy a raffle ticket to win the Ha ha Bunny.  This is no ordinary bunny and being a bunny myself, I know.  With 23 pounds of semi-sold milk chocolate and 2 feet tall, this bunny is impressive!  And how about those teeth?!  I’m a little jealous of the teeth. The best part is that all the proceeds go to the Burlington, VT Ronald McDonald House.

I think that’s all from this busy bunny for now.  I’ve got lots of Easter baskets to fill between now and Sunday!  I've been eating those Granola Breakfast Eggs like crazy to keep my energy up! And after that, you’ll find me relaxing on a beach somewhere enjoying something perhaps a bit stronger than chocolate.....

Where is the Easter Bunny?

Posted on March 25, 2010 1:06 PM by Peter Cottontail



Hi there- it’s me, Peter Cottontail.  The folks at Lake Champlain Chocolates were nice enough to let me be a guest blogger on their blog this week!  Yes, even bunnies blog. I thought this might be a good way to get the word out about where I’m going to be over the next week or so.  As you can imagine, with Easter just around the corner, I am one busy rabbit!!

So let’s see…. the Chocolate Factory Store on Pine Street in Burlington has me booked through the weekend and into next week. And you know, I have my pick of places to work so I wouldn’t work for just any chocolate company, only the best for this bunny.  So stop by and I can help you pick out the best Easter Basket, chocolate bunny or chocolate eggs gift.  There are so many delicious Easter chocolates to choose from- they even have milk chocolate carrots, my personal favorite. I am a rabbit, what do you expect?

This Saturday at 11am I’ll be at Oakledge Park helping out with the 8th Annual Egg-Stravaganza.  Personally, this is a great event for me to get primed for the real show the following week.  With 2-12 year olds searching for more than 10,000 Easter eggs, those kids keep me hopping -literally!   I’ll be available for pictures too.  (Note to self: get coat washed and brushed on Friday. No one likes a dirty bunny).

I do have other obligations but I can’t reveal all of them at once… stay tuned and I’ll post another entry next week with some more updates.  Anyone have any guesses?  You never know where the Easter Bunny will turn up.

For now- Hop on.

The Easter 500

Posted on March 23, 2010 11:47 AM by Meghan


We all know chocolate can be molded into all sorts of different shapes and sizes- just take Easter for example.  Here at Lake Champlain Chocolates our Easter bunnies alone run the gamut from placesetting milk chocolate bunnies to the over a foot tall Mr. Goodtime  Giant Chocolate Bunny to the Cruisin’ Easter Bunny Rabbit.  And then there are the chocolate carrots, chocolate Easter eggs and even gourmet chocolate fish!

And while they are all beautiful chocolate creations, Emily Jones, our resident chocolate sculptor, continues to set the bar higher each year.  It is really quite amazing what she can do with chocolate.  Not only are her sculptures incredible works of art, but they’re always clever and adorable!

This year’s sculpture is titled The Easter 500 (a la the Daytona 500).  A race track complete with bunnies and chicks driving carrot and egg cars.  You really can’t get much cuter than that.

Check out Emily in action as she works in our factory.


Make Mine Chocolate!

Posted on March 17, 2010 10:23 AM by Erin

Easter is just a hop away, and you know what that means...chocolate!  Chocolate Easter bunnies, chocolate Easter baskets, chocolate Easter name it, anything chocolate...with a few delicious jelly beans mixed in.

While chocolate is traditionally what the Easter Bunny will bring this April 4th, we know there are a few of you out there who may be considering surprising your loved ones with a real live baby bunny or chick.  Before you do so though, we stumbled across this great organization – Make Mine Chocolate! – whose mission is to educate the public about the responsibilities involved with having a rabbit as a pet.  Check out their Interactive Bun to find out if a rabbit is right for your family. (I don't want to brag, but I got quite a few thumbs up from Watson!).  You can even print out a shopping list of things you'll need at the end.

And if it turns out that you're not quite ready to own a bunny just yet, don't worry we've got you covered for Easter.  From our adorable Placesetting Milk Chocolate Bunny to our Classic Dark Chocolate Bunny, to the Cruisin' Easter Bunny Rabbit, and our largest - the Mr. Goodtime Giant Chocolate Bunny - you're sure to find the right one to take home.

Hop on by for Easter!

Posted on April 6, 2009 1:58 PM by Meghan


He's here! The Lake Champlain Chocolates Easter Bunny is making his rounds outside our Pine Street retail location. In sunshine, rain or snow (because in April in Vermont, all three can happen in one afternoon), the Easter Bunny tirelessly waves at passers-by and offers high fives to anyone who is willing.  We all look forward to the day when he finally makes his grand appearance.  

Easter is a really fun time at Lake Champlain Chocolates. We have tons of cute and delicious chocolate bunnies turning up all over the place, our spring chocolate flowers are starting to sprout up along side our chocolate carrots and Easter eggs, creating an irresistible garden of all-natural chocolate confections. To celebrate the holiday, Emily Watson and Kirk Weed, Lake Champlain Chocolates’ resident chocolate sculptors, have also handcrafted some beautiful Easter themed pieces, featuring exquisitely painted chocolate eggs.


Emily created this wonderful Chocolates of Vermont sculpture as well. Each of the four flavors celebrate a different season in Vermont chocolate, with Easter marking the beginning of Honey Caramel season!  Locally harvested honey paired with creamy caramel and dark chocolate- can you think of a better way to start Spring?


So if you’re in the neighborhood, why not hop on in and check out all the wonderful Easter Chocolates on display.


Less than three weeks until Easter and then I’m back on vacation - skiing, snowboarding and living it up. It sneaks right up on me some years. And this year, since Easter is March 23, it really surprised me. It looks like I’ll be delivering even more chocolate bunnies this year than last year and the Easter baskets are piling up. If I had to pick one item that’s becoming my favorite, I’d have to go with the milk chocolate carrot. Check it out, it's wicked cute. Hey, I’m a rabbit. I like carrots.

It always gets so busy for me this time of year but I'm not complaining. Besides delivering easter baskets and hiding colored eggs for the easter egg hunts, I also have a lot of appearances to make. In fact, I’ll be in the Lake Champlain Chocolates Factory Store Saturdays in March. I love that part because I get to be the star and all the kids love me. Hey, if you’re around, stop in and say hello to an old rabbit.

Easter Memories

Posted on February 25, 2008 1:18 PM by Admin

One of my fondest Easter memories derives from a fight that I had on my elementary school playground with fellow second grader, John H.  This event remains clear in my mind due to its tragic ending; it was my first and last trip to the principal’s office.  Trust me… I made quite the everlasting impression on all involved that cool spring afternoon.  How embarrassing!   

So how exactly does the goody-two shoes of the second grade class end up in the principal’s office? Well during lunch recess, I happened to discover a leather egg left over from an Easter egg hunt.  Instead of keeping it to myself, I decided it was a brilliant idea to wheel and deal the egg with none other than classmate (and, might I add, villain) John H.  Boy, was that ever a mistake.  I remember after I made the trade- a dime for the egg- I desperately wanted the egg back.  As you may have already guessed, John H. was totally done with the deal and refused to give up his new prized possession.  I was forced to take the situation into my own hands and broke out some mad WWF wrestling moves on good ol’ Johnny boy.  Needless to say, my stunt did not go over well with recess monitors or my parents because both John H. and I ended up in the principal’s office.  Worst of all, in the end neither of us ended up with the egg. 

I clearly learned a lesson: who CARES about a stupid leather egg?  I mean, who would ever fight over that… smile.  Incidentally, the whole conflict would never have happened if the egg had been chocolate.  I mean seriously, make your Easter egg hunt worthwhile for participants - gourmet Easter Eggs and Chocolate Bunnies from Lake Champlain Chocolates makes the perfect gift for a child's Easter Basket.  Trust me, you will be the hit of the Easter holiday with these delectable treats!  

The Sweet Spot, Coconut Eggs

Posted on February 20, 2008 4:05 PM by Leann

I may have just found my latest crush – our Coconut Delight Egg. It’s new for Easter and we just got them out on the shelves so of course, we had to smash one open and try it. Perfect timing as I needed a little sugar rush to get me through the rest of my afternoon and I really wasn’t sold on anything. That is, until someone told me they were smashing open one of the new chocolate Easter eggs.

So, let me tell you about it. It’s 2.6 ounces of creamy coconut filling and dark chocolate “shell” and it’s wrapped in this springy, emerald green foil with a big pink ribbon. I almost felt bad about it getting broken open – almost! But once it was, there was all that sweet coconutty filling with real coconut and coconut milk and all sorts of tasty goodness. And there was enough there for us to share with each other even though I might have been able to eat an entire one myself, it was that good! And that's today’s sweet spot.

 Incidentally, if you're not as big of a coconut fan as I am, we also have a peanut butter egg with milk chocolate which also sounds yummy but that’ll have to wait until tomorrow. Maybe.