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See you at the Fancy Food Show

Posted on June 25, 2009 9:28 AM by Erin

The Summer Fancy Food Show is happening this weekend, June 28th-30th at the Jacob Javits Center in New York City.  For those of you not familiar with the Fancy Food Show, it's the largest specialty food and beverage marketplace in North America.  With anywhere from 16,000-24,000 people in attendance checking out over 250,000 products from 81 different countries, it's kind of a big deal!  Everyone from retailers to restaurant owners to food distributors to the press will be there tasting & learning about different foods including confections, cheeses, coffee, spices, and much, much more.

If you're planning on attending the Fancy Food Show, be sure to visit Lake Champlain Chocolates at Booth #1650.  Not only will we be unveiling our new Chocolates of Vermont packaging, but we'll be sampling our new Five Star Bar as well!  What's the new flavor you ask?  Sorry, I won't give away the surprise just yet.  But I will give you one small hint...3 out of the 4 current Five Star Bars are made of milk chocolate, so we felt like we needed to even out the playing a field just a little bit.  Okay, I can't resist, how about two hints.  Some might also consider this new bar both healthy and indulgent.

Hope to see you at the Fancy Food Show!

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A chocolate show. Hmmm. Sounds fun. Sounds even a bit dangerous. But fun. I've been hearing about this Vermont Chocolate Show in passing and I'm sure people have been sending me info on it but I've been too caught up with other things to pay it any mind yet. So, here I am investigating just exactly what the Vermont Chocolate Show is and what's in it for me. I see we're a sponsor and I know our chocolate sculptors will be there doing demos and such but since it happens on a precious spring weekend, I really have to look into whether it's something I want to go to or not. Remember, if you're not surrounded by chocolate all day, a chocolate show can be an amazing event. Fortunately (or unfortunately) every workday is essentially a chocolate show in my world. I know, lucky me.

So, in looking online at their website,, it would appear that they really do have a lot going on. There are chocolate makers from the area I've never heard of, candy shops I've never been to and even educational programming. They also have something called the Sunshine Vodka Chocolate Martini Lounge. Ok, that's something that isn't part of my workday. (At least not that I'd admit to...) With two days of events, I think it definitely has some promise. And since the weatherman isn't giving a great outlook right now for the weekend, what better to do than hang out at the chocolate show? Isn't Vermont great?! Check it out, May 17 and 18.

I just wonder if I can get the chocolate spa treatment people to move over to the chocolate martini tent. Can you imagine? Heaven!