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Goodbye Summer Shipping!

Posted on September 23, 2009 10:53 AM by Allison

Vermont sings in autumn with apple festivals, hayrides to pumpkin patches and porches adorned with colorful mums.  Lake Champlain Chocolates sings in the cooler temperatures by lowering our shipping rates.

With the cooler weather, it’s much easier to send our chocolate out into the world – the fears of our carefully handcrafted chocolates melting in big trucks or on front porches begin to fall away, just like orange leaves from maple trees.

What does this mean?  It means that we are happy to ship chocolate out the old-fashioned way – in big, brown UPS trucks.  We do, however, require orders to go at least two-day air to Florida, Hawaii and Alaska.  (A truck would have a hard time getting to Hawaii and it’s pretty much always hot in Florida, and do you know how big Alaska is?!)

Shipping rates now start at $7.50 as opposed to the summer’s $25.00 minimum.  Chocolate is a tricky thing to transport – since we use all natural ingredients, like pure cocoa butter which melts at about seventy degrees, its difficult to keep it safe once it leaves our climate-controlled chocolate safe-haven.

So go ahead and place that holiday order, or surprise someone with their favorite chocolate on their birthday.  Remember Halloween is coming up!  Why not give your favorite Trick-or-Treater a Pumpkin Face or White Chocolate Ghost this year?

And since it is getting a little colder, how about adding a can or two of our seven different types of Hot Chocolate to your order?  There’s nothing better than cozying up with a mug of hot chocolate in the fall temps - and a few marshmallows on top will bring out the little Trick-or-Treater in you.  Whether or not you go jump in a pile of leaves is entirely your decision.

People often forget that we’re not a mass manufacturer of chocolate and that most of our chocolates are, in fact, still made by hand. While our chocolates are available nationwide, it’s only due to our incredibly knowledgeable and talented production crew.

So, with that being said, I thought I’d share with you a peek into the factory where you can see how the magic happens. A really fun item to watch being made that everyone asks about are our chocolate pumpkin faces. It takes a lot of patience, a steady hand and a fair number of skillful crew members to complete. Luckily for you they’re so easy to eat! Enjoy!
I’m not ready for summer to end. I’m simply not. I know you’re shaking your head saying “it’s only August” but here in Vermont, we had a wave of cool 60’s and I can feel everything around me starting to cool down. Even sleeping with the window open is getting chilly. And now, it’s official. I just went to the website and Autumn chocolates are up. As much as I love Fall in Vermont, it was still a shock to my system and I’m feeling a little melancholy. The only thing making it better is that the Hazelnut Praline Pumpkins are now available.

If you’ve read this blog last Fall, you’ll remember I waxed poetic about them but since they weren’t available by mail order, I kept it very brief. But now they are available online and ready to be enjoyed by chocolate fans around the country so I won’t hold back. I simply love them. If you tried them, you would to.

First, I’ll tell you, they’re milk chocolate. Don’t rule them out if you’re a dark chocolate lover. This is truly just an enjoyable sweet confection. We’re not talking heart health or diet. We’re talking plain and simple craving something yummy and good. They are filled with this light hazelnut praline that has a subtle crispy crunch in it. It’s so delicate and light, you’ll know you’re treating yourself to something special.

Here’s the best part, in my opinion. They’re probably one of the cutest chocolates you’ll ever see. They come wrapped in this bright, rich orange foil and when you unwrap them, they’re this sweet little half round pumpkin. They’re just adorable. I love them and I love bringing them when I go visiting friends. Everywhere I’ve brought them people have totally fallen in love with them. I think if I were to get married in the Fall, I’d even have them at my wedding. They’re that good.

If you come to VT this Autumn, you can stop by our retail locations and give them a try but for those of you unable to get away, they’ll be online for a very limited time. They sell out completely every year in our stores so I don’t expect them to last long online.