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Looking for a Mother’s Day Gift?

Posted on April 28, 2010 9:38 AM by Meghan

We have just two words for you:  Lobster & Chocolate.

Can you think of two more decadent, indulgent foods?  So this got me thinking, as a fairly new mom this might be a perfect Mother’s Day gift- a lobster dinner followed by some delicious truffles for dessert.  Throw in some good wine and good (adult) company and you’ve got a pretty great Mother’s Day gift.

You know where to get the Mother's Day Chocolate, but what about the lobster?  Lucky for us we have friends in good places, like the Hancock Gourmet Lobster Co. in Maine.  They focus on creating the best all-natural specialty lobster products.  Check out their facebook page and see what’s happening – there are all sorts of choices, personally I love just plain ol’ lobster with some butter for dipping but I am tempted by some of their other creations such as Lobster Mac n’ Cheese or how about a Lobster Soufflé?  As my 3 year old would say, “oooh boy!”  (and now you know why I specified adult company -and wine).

As for the chocolate, we’ve got some great options too-  including the Spring Chocolate Selection (an assortment of the most popular flavors), chocolate flowers and amazing dark chocolate covered orange peels. And as always, don't forget our popular collection of Organic Chocolate Turffles. No lobster covered chocolate yet but with crazy combos like bacon and chocolate, who knows what unique chocolate gifts are next??

PS- Mother's Day is Sunday May 9th!

Chocolate Euphoria

Posted on December 17, 2009 11:38 AM by Erin

What's sweeter than a box of our chocolates?  Why that could only be a FREE box of our chocolates!

From November 29th to December 31st, exclusively at Macy's, receive a complimentary 15 Piece Assortment of our mouth-watering chocolates (specially-designed for our friends at Calvin Klein) with the purchase of any 3.4 oz fragrance from the euphoria collection.

Isn't it nice when you get two presents for the price of one?

Happy Holidays!

Who are you calling Bridezilla?

Posted on May 11, 2009 10:09 AM by Erin

Bridezilla is the affectionate term many people use for soon-to-be-brides who temporarily loose their minds and become way too obsessed with their own wedding.  Since becoming engaged in November, I have vowed to not let myself become one of "those".  While I haven't thrown any temper tantrums yet or made my bridal party cry (success!), I have realized how easy it is to get swept up in all the details.

Say, for instance with picking out my wedding favors.  Now working at Lake Champlain Chocolates, this one should have been a no-brainer. Since day one, I've known we were going with the Engraved Gold Ballotin Boxes (which, in my opinion, are our most elegant chocolate favor).  An easy one to cross off my to-do list, right?  Wrong!  Despite my greatest efforts to fight her off, Bridezilla seems to have made a guest appearance.  I've become completely fixated on picking out the perfect pair of truffles to go inside the boxes.  Seeing as our wedding is in the fall, hands down one will be the spiced pumpkin truffle (I highly recommend's a favorite around here).  But I've been torn on what would compliment it best?  While many co-workers have kindly put in their own two cents, obviously that's not enough for this over-achieving bride!  Really, would I be doing proper due diligence if I did not create my very own unofficial LCC Wedding Chocolate Tasting Panel?  Of course not, don't be silly.  Hence the ultra-exclusive tasting group, consisting of myself and customer service guru/cubicle neighbor Jason, was born.  With the mission of creating the perfect wedding favor, every week we try a new chocolate truffle and discuss how well it will go with the spiced pumpkin.  So far we've covered Champagne, French Roast, Legendary Dark, and Cappuccino.  Up this week is the Raspberry, then we have just seven more mouth-watering ones to go.  Okay, so I know what you might be thinking right this all really necessary?  Well, ummm all I have to say is that's a completely ridiculous question...I'm not even going to answer!

But seriously, my only point of this story is that you might not always like her and you might try to hide her...but sometimes channeling your inner Bridezilla can actually be a lot of fun.  When you're completely overwhelmed with wedding planning, she might just come up with a few brilliant ideas - like tasting chocolate - for you to focus on instead.

Chocolate and Beer - The Saga Continues...

Posted on June 25, 2008 11:13 AM by Leann

For those of you who are on the edge of your seat awaiting more info about Chocolate and Beer (and I know there are scores of you…) your wait is nearly over. Gary Coffey, our Retail Sales Director, will be hosting a Chocolate and Beer pairing as part of this year’s Vermont Brewers Festival, July 18-19 at Waterfront Park in Burlington. I can’t tell you exactly which chocolates and beers he’ll be matching up for you as we’re still tweaking the final pairings (and by tweaking I mean hanging out after work and noshing on chocolate and beer.) Besides, if I told you, it’d ruin the surprise.

So, here are the details which are also available online at the Vermont Brewers Fest website . The Chocolate and Beer Pairing will take place Friday, July 18 at 8pm in the Education Tent at the Festival. Capacity is limited so definitely arrive early to be sure there’s space. Admission to the Chocolate and Beer Pairing is free once you enter the Festival.

If you’ve never been to the Vermont Brewers Festival, you should really try to make it. It’s a great time down on the Lake and with so many beers to sample, you certainly won’t be bored. See you on the Waterfront!

I mentioned it before but it’s official. It’s out and we’re in it. Paula Deen’s magazine has put out a special issue all about chocolate and it’s now available. In it, on page 122, you’ll find a two-page spread all about us. How exciting! There’s also a lot of other stuff in the chocolate issue called Chocolate Celebration including recipes for not just sweet chocolate treats but entrees made with chocolate too. It’s a really nice magazine, something you buy and keep around for the recipes. And the best thing, in my opinion, is there are hardly any ads and absolutely none of those smelly perfume samples pages. Just beautiful images of chocolatey goodness!

I’m sure you can find it in your local bookstore or maybe even your supermarket but if you look and don’t have any luck, you can order it on their website at Or, you can stop by here at the chocolate factory and I’ll let you take a peek at mine. What’s better than reading about chocolate while sipping on an iced vanilla latte?! (Now if only her adorable sons would stop in...)

Today, it’s cold. Spring is here and it’s cold. Surprise. Having said that, I’m sure you won’t be shocked to hear we’re getting a little tired of the cold in VT. So, to take the edge off, I have resorted to a favorite I save for special days when I need a little extra help lifting my spirits. Organic Milk Chocolate squares with Sea Salt and Almonds. They’re just the thing when nothing else will do. They have actual gray sea salt added in to the chocolate separate from the almonds and they’re just delicious. I love to get those tiny salty bits mixed in with the sweet milk chocolate and the roasty flavor of the almonds rounds it out nicely.

And since they’re organic, I can sell myself on the fact that I’m really putting good stuff into my body while I’m snacking. Does this make chocolate health food? No. But it does make me feel less guilty about it.

So, with a few squares and a cup of coffee, it’s only a matter of time until my mood is better and I’m back on top of my game. But hey, if that doesn’t work, I’ll try something else. Maybe the spicy Aztec Dark Chocolate squares. It’s worth a shot! Do you have any secret chocolate tips for boosting your spirits?

Don't Talk With Your Mouth Full!

Posted on March 13, 2008 3:41 PM by Erin
This is my first week at Lake Champlain Chocolates…as a chocolate lover, a dream job come true!  Today I was asked to help cover the phones for a few hours since our receptionist is out sick.  Everything was going smoothly until a tray of Milk Chocolate Pecan Caramel Clusters was put out on the coffee table next to the front desk for visitors to enjoy.  I tried my best to ignore them, but honestly will power is not my middle name.  I rationalized “hey I’m new, I really do need to try all our products” so I quietly tip toed over and took a sample.  DELICIOUS is the only word to describe them!  I did not realize however that these clusters had caramel and just at that moment the phone began to ring.  I ran back over chewing as quickly as I could, but it was too late I missed the call.  A co-worker peered around the corner to see if everything was okay, and there I was evidence in hand still not able to say a word…BUSTED!  I learned a very valuable lesson on my third day – Milk Chocolate Pecan Caramel Clusters and the phone do not mix.  But finding my new Lake Champlain Chocolates favorite was well worth the embarrassment!

The Sweet Spot, first installment

Posted on February 5, 2008 8:06 AM by Leann

Rain. Sleet. Snow. Rain. Sleet. Snow. It’s the pattern of our days outside the Lake Champlain Chocolate Factory. It’s what keeps the mountains green during our glorious summers but it’s what keeps many of us blue during our long winters. “But you can ski and snowboard!” I know. I’ve heard it all before. But when you break it down, five days a week we have to work so the argument for having fun in the snow only holds up for about 28% of the week. Luckily, I work in a chocolate factory, thus bolstering me for the other 71%. And with that note, I’d like to pay homage to the sweets that keep me going through my week. I’ll call it “The Sweet Spot” where I shall occasionally sing the praises of what delicious morsel (or morsels) got me through the day.

Today, I say thank you to two things that have set my morning off just right. My steaming hot cup of Tazo Awake and a lovely little chocolate I think I’ve mention before, the Vanilla Malt Truffle. I can’t tell you how long I’ve been in love with the Vanilla Malt Truffle but it has always been my favorite. It’s creamy milk chocolate ganache center with vanilla notes and hints of malt give it a twist just enough away from plain milk chocolate, you know it’s something special.

I know I should be eating dark chocolate because it’s good for my heart but this yummy truffle is good for my soul. Like an old friend, it’s making me feel better about my gloomy day today. And once my cup of tea cools enough to drink, I’ll be golden. So today, I salute the perfect cup of tea and my vanilla malt truffle. What’s getting you through your day today?