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More Ice Cream, More!

Posted on June 3, 2009 11:53 AM by Jason

In the last Blog post I shocked and amazed you with the mention that Lake Champlain Chocolates now makes Ice Cream. Since the post I’ve been inundated with questions about our ice cream so here are a few facts for you.

Our Lake Champlain Chocolates Ice Cream is a Super Premium all natural ice cream. That’s right. Not just premium but Super Premium the top tier of ice cream, meaning that you are getting the creamiest ice cream available. We craft it in small batches, sourcing all of our milk from right here in Vermont. Just like our chocolates, we only use the finest ingredients available. To say the least, this ice cream is delicious.

We first starting crafting our Ice Cream in 2001, 2 years later we decided we had perfected the recipe enough to start selling it in our retail stores. And now 8 years later we have really dialed it in, expanding flavors and distribution.

2009 spells good news for Ice Cream lovers as this year Lake Champlain Chocolates is offering our Ice Cream Pints at several retailers in the Burlington area. Right now customers can pick up pints at:

o    Shelburne Supermarket
o    City Market Coop
o    Healthy Living Natural Foods
o    Lake Champlain Chocolates Pine Street Retail Store

Pint flavors offered:
o    Vanilla
o    Belgian Chocolate
o    Vanilla Chocolate Chip
o    Vanilla Almond Buttercrunch
o    Chocolate Hazelnut

Wait, you need more flavors?

 At our 3 retail locations we offer 9 flavors:

o    Vanilla
o    Belgian Chocolate
o    Mocha Chocolate Chip
o    Vanilla Chocolate Chip
o    Coffee
o    Chocolate Banana
o    Maple Pecan
o    Vanilla Almond Buttercrunch
o    Chocolate Hazelnut

We also offer the Hands Down Best Malted Milk Shakes I’ve ever had in my life as well as other favorites such as Ice Cream Sundaes covered in our Tanzania Dark Chocolate Sauce.

What flavor will we come up with next? Why not give us a few suggestions?

Catch Eric offering samples at Healthy Living today from 3-5:30 to give our Ice Cream a try.


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